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Written by Dave Buchanan

Concept and graphics by Laura Davies

Co-development by John Buchanan

This crazy app allows you to create limitless weird, funny or downright cranky characters from photos of you and your friends. Or you could use it a little more seriously to see the differences between the left and right sides of faces? - Naaa - get snapping and see what Gremlins, Trolls and other weird and wonderful characters you can create.

Try it on your pets and see how you can change your cat into the cutest little rabbit or your dog into a yetti!

All you budding movie monster makers will get endless inspiration for your creations from this must have app.
So go on, what have you got to lose?
Download it and give it a go - then post your characters on our Flickr group at -


And donít just limit it to faces - you can do whole body butterflys too - even end up with kissing twins!

Donít have an iPod or iPad?
Make a Butterfly Face online here